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Painting Space An Introduction to Working with Colours
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An Introduction to Working with Colours

Select the yellow circle above.

The colour bars at the top and bottom of these pages each load 6 of 16.7 million possible colours randomly. You can change the colours – and navigate through the main pages of this site by clicking on any colour bar (this page is number 5).

The box on the left is a flash animation developed by a student at MIT (, which also generates colours randomly. Select the centre yellow dot to magically mix and match. Which colours do you find exciting? Which are comforting? What colours intrigue you? Painting and decorating involve working with colour and space and there are so many possibilities!

The staff at all three Paul Susnis Decorating Centres have the knowledge and expertise to mix the very best fresh paint precisely to your specifications. Yet our service begins by helping you select the right colour(s) – so the result is a celebration of what you want to achieve and communicate.

Here we’ve assembled some wisdom, humour and insight on colour from around the world and back in time. To change the quotation on the right click here.

“The true color of life is the color of the body, the color of the covered red, the implicit and not explicit red of the living heart and the pulses. It is the modest color of the unpublished blood.”
– Alice Meynell 1847-1922, British Poet, Essayist

Cool Colour Tools
Learn Color Harmony Basics with the excellent online Color Wheel – Color Calculator at Sessions Design College.

Benjamin Moore specializes in the art and science of colour. The colour section of the Benjamin Moore Canada website has vast resources on the topic: Colour palettes, principles and psychology, confidence tools, colour relationships, styles and even insights into the various responses different colours are likely to evoke.

Preview paint colours for your home online with Benjamin Moore's Personal Colour Viewer®

The Colour Experts at Paul Susnis Decorating Centres are trained in all of the above and more. We want your investment in decorating to pay colourful dividends! What would you consider dreary – cheerful – authentic – rich – welcoming? We can help. Call us or stop by to find the just the right colour or colour combinations for your decorating project.

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Lemon Sorbet Visit Color Trends 2016 playlist on YouTube.

Want to go deeper into colour?
Watch Canadian interior designer Candice Olson's Tips on Using Paint Color
Or just come by and talk to us!

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Painting Space An Introduction to Working with Colours
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